Alex and Ruby’s wedding cakes, Powerscourt

I was so happy to do these!

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Hen Party Cupcakes

Chocolate and pink, was the spec.

So I went with the chocolate malt again, as they’re just alarmingly nice, and strawberry cupcakes sprayed with the pink sparkly spray.

I would like to spray my life in the pink sparkly edible spray.

And Celebration candles.


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Butterfly birthday cakes

A friend kindly asked me to do cakes for her fortieth, so I had my first attempts at fondant icing, with help from Youtube (GREAT resource).

The cake came out wobblier than I’d hoped, mostly due to oven trouble, hence lateness. But an overall good impression.

Sadly, a small niece poked it, I was told, so it didn’t make the big night 😦

choclate and Strawberry cupcakes with Rice paper butterflies and pink hearts

Chocolate and Strawberry cupcakes with rice paper butterflies and pink hearts



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Christmas Cupcakes

Christmas cookies and cupcakes

Christmas cookies and cupcakes

My baking at Christmas went a bit weird this year. I had great intentions for beautifully wrapped home baked presents, but it didn’t come together. I made LOADS of chocolate cookies, that kept going wrong, and I ate most of them myself 😦

However, I was very happy with these. Chai latte and spice cupcakes, with white chocolate frosting, and topped with sprinkles and silver balls and  Christmas spice cookies. They were so good!

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Halloween Monsters and Ghosties

Oh, and Fangs...

Oh, and Fangs...




Chocolate cupcakes with Monster Buttercream

Chocolate cupcakes with Monster Buttercream

Oh, and Fangs...

Oh, and Fangs...

WordPress is kicking my butt a bit. Where do the descriptions go? If they’re not there, the Ghosties are pumpkin mini cupcakes with meringue topping. First time I made it, and between that and the wakey baby, I was up til about three in the morning making these for my daughter’sparty in schol Yes, I’m a fool!
Underneath are chocolate cupcakes with Monster Frosting – fondant eyeballs and fangs over buttercream Tentacles. Randome capitals, anyone?
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Wouldja look at the cakes!


Baked cakes

How gorgeous are these? I think there needs to be a new word for the drooling over cakes and cupcakes I do online. It’s like cake porn, but not as messy as that expression implies!

Seriosy, check out the malted milk ball one – the one on the page that leads into the cakes has light and dark malt balls on top, and it’s so beautiful! These are my kind of cakes! Now I just need to practise some more.


Just… wow!

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For Darren and Lottie

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Strawberry Boobcakes at the Breastway photo shoot

In honour of the breastfeeding promo photo, I made the usual strawberry cupcakes into these:

I was aiming for cartoony and cute, but I didn’t get the chance to go look at a selection of small, round, red and pink penny sweets, so I made do with my Tesco Sprinkles. Though I thought the finished version was a little bit too real 🙂

The first week of October is National breastfeeding week and we wanted to contribute posititively to the national image that breastfeeding has.

There is a new website going live this weekend – great for support and interest.

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I would so love a cupcake bakery. I see the first dedicated cupcake kitchen has opened in Kildare – for order, and selling at markets. They look beautiful, and to be honest, do a lot of my flavours and more. Check out – especially if you’re out that way, or need

I’d be sad, except that I’ll be back to real work in a couple weeks, not having the means to do this full time at the moment, much as I’d love to. So I’m glad to see someone else paving the way.

I also did a plain vanilla cupcake that sold well, even though I’m more a fan of adventurous flavours. The net is full of wonderful recipes, so I’ll be working on more – I saw a Tiramisu cupcake recipe recently that looked extremely tempting!

Dunlaoghaire, Sunday 31st, menu

Hello, all, this may be the last boot sale for a while. Here’s the plan:

A Chocolate Cake, with buttercream icing

Chocolate Cupcakes with White Chocolate Butter Cream Icing and Cinnamon

Strawberry Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream Icing

Chocolate Biscuit Cake, unsurprisingly proving v popular.

Carrot Cake

Lemon Drizzle Cake

Banana Bread


Chocolate Chip Cookies

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